The new thinking
new technology.

HEXARMOR is a company that cares about the environment and people.
As a company that always advances to new ideas, new technologies,
we are more creative and challenge new technologies

We don't recommend it if it's not the best.
HEXARMOR, which is more premium than premium,
will protect the value of you and your car.
We dare to say that our products are the best.

We continue to study new materials, research and development, and new technologies
We develop, formulate, and manufacture almost every product in our own factory, with the help of experienced chemists and experts in the detailing industry
what we do

Business Line

  • Films for Car

  • FilmsFor Display

  • DailyUse Products

  • MaskUse business

for your life

we care for Human health and the environment.

more and try hard for people and the environment..
We made a film that does not use chemical compounds
when installation film. Films used only in water.

for a better environment.

Official Distributor of HEXARMOR

We are approaching not only the Asian market but also Europe and the USA and the world with a variety of products and technologies.
Official Distributor of HEXARMOR

A Fist floor, 53, Dogu-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. SR
c +82-10-5367-0328
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Official Distributor of HEXARMOR

A Roon 903, Block A JingTing Building, No. 1000 Hongguan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai. China
T+82 70 4820 2335

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