Anti Reflective Thin Filme

We have our own material synthesis, optical design, nano-coating technology.

our AR Film is :

Display's External Light Source Reflection Prevention
Improved display visibility.
Easily check display unit information.
Electric vehicles and next-generation displays to be released.
Display's External Light Source Reflection Prevention.
for the 5G era
All models with an instrument cluster will be used in a flash.
Developed and manufactured in S.Korea,
the world's most technologically advanced country.

Protect your eyesight while making it clearer.

Clear color implementation.
For all models with instrument panels, AR film has a high permeability rate that exceeds optical instruments, providing a clearer picture quality that is closer to primary color. It shows more accurate thinking through AR function that suppresses oblique reflection.
Vision protection.
By suppressing the light reflections on the display as much as possible, it allows the user to recognize the most accurate colors, which can reduce eye fatigue and even directly experience the effects of vision protection.