Ag NanoWire Film

High conductivity, versatile,
and transparent film


The development of AgNW film
with the world's first
nano capacitor layer

A transmittance of not less
than 87% and a large area
resistance of 30 Ω/sq

Low resistance stability
at large area
(within ±5% deviation)

ITO development of
alternative materials

Dispersion of coating solution,
securing binding technology

Application of uniform thin
film coating technology


A flexible, smooth curve. A key film of flexible displays, a display that retains characteristics even when the radius of curvature is narrowed.

Akey point

A transparent film with electrical conductivity made using silver-nano wires

Flexible Displays

Compared to ITO films,
AgNanoWires are attracting attention as one of the materials suitable for
ITO film replacement and flexible displays with low resistance and high flexibility. Ag NanoWires is a key material for transparent electrostatic film used for large-area touch panels and flexible displays

A film coated with Ag NanoWires.

When the AgNanoWire Film is bent,
its resistance value and conductivity
do not change. Even if the radius of
curvature is narrowed to 3mm,
the characteristics are maintained.
Face resistance is also low even if
it is made of a 30-inch large-area film. This is why it is considered as a major material for next-generation touch screens and flexible displays

Extensively Market

The technology for producing curved AgNanoWires and new transparent electrodes has the characteristic that electrical conductivity does not change under any deformation. It can also be used in large-scale production processes, which are expected to bring new ripple effects to the wearable electronics industry and medical device sectors, including high-functional smartware