Anti Virus Film

be safe and well.
protect your days

Our daily attacked by viruses. Now prevent and protect more with the anti-virus film

Transparent and high-quality antimicrobial film

The transparent and clean film by adding the high function of PPF
to the antimicrobial force certified in the antimicrobial force test
Outstanding antibiosis
The excellent antimicrobial film, with its excellent antibacterial power certified in antimicrobial testing, even eliminates viruses around the film, including film
PPF's High Functionality
A high-functional film that adds antibacterial force to PPF's functions to protect products and transparent
HEXARMOR Anti-Virus film shows that more than 99.99% of bacteria disappear after 24 hours.
So, if there were 100 percent viruses at 0 hours, after 24 hours, there were 0.01 percent viruses.

Transparent and Clean

After application it with a film with excellent visibility,
there is no cloudy appearance.It is highly Usability
by adding PPF function to antibacterial
PPF film
This is a protective film that prevents paint damage and contaminants that can occur while driving by application it to the outside of the vehicle
Anti-Virus Film
It has been certified that high visibility and antibacterial force can exterminate germs up to the film-attached surface and around the film

An inevitable virus that
spreads throughout our lives
We can't eliminate the virus,
but we can prevent it

DO NOT compare it with other films. We are different
Fast and Easy
Hexaamer who cares about the environment and people.
application easily and quickly and keep product protection for a long time

Your life is safer with HEXARMOR Anti-Virus Film !